Transparent Pricing Structure with No Hidden Fees

Most consumer-facing companies such as Topcontent are always striving to ensure transparency in their pricing. Understandably, consumers have a vested interest in understanding the pricing process. By this we mean the entire pricing process as opposed to transparency relating to the final price. Read on to find out more about how Topcontent offers clear and transparent pricing for all your content needs.

Transparent Pricing

At Topcontent, we offer our clients a range of content services. If you’re looking for original content for your website, blog posts, product descriptions, guides and more, we can help. Our professional content writers cover a vast range of topics and businesses. Perhaps you need content translated to reach a global audience? Again, here at Topcontent, our experienced translators can handle that for you.

We understand that you need to know the final price for any order, so that’s why we keep things simple. We simply charge per word for both original content and translation – no hidden fees or taxes. Simply tell us whether you want original content or a translation, what language(s), and whether you want Standard or Business Quality text. We’ll tell you the rate per word.

Placing an Order

So, if you are looking to give us a try, placing an order with us is very easy and straightforward. You can make use of the different methods available including a self-service system if you would like to take full control of your orders. No matter the method you choose to use, your orders will be received and delivered to you quickly and easily.

Before placing your order you can get a no obligation quote. The price per word simply varies by type of work, language and quality. Our prices are completely transparent. We also make sure that any time you place an order with us, you’ll get Top service. We want to build a lasting relationship with you. Give us a try today!