Get Ahead of Your Competitors with Our E-Commerce Product Description Writing Service

Do not let a great product fail because of poorly written product descriptions! Instead, attract more customers by using a product description writing service to get descriptions that sell. If you are selling products online, your product descriptions can either attract more customers to turn them into “buyers” – or get lost among millions of other products. The outcome depends on how good or bad your description is. Your product descriptions should create an emotional connection with your customers by speaking about both your product and the value it creates for your customers. 

Here at Topcontent, we write product descriptions that both search engines and your target audience like. With our enticing, informative and search-engine-optimized product descriptions, your product can easily attract customers. So, how do we do write great product descriptions?

What Makes An E-commerce Product Description Great?

In e-commerce businesses, you have two audiences to focus on. The first audience is your customers; you already know them, their needs and wants. Your product descriptions should be able to speak to them. The language and tone should fit your audience. A witty description with a pinch of humor might work better than a never-ending list of features. We create content with the language, tone, and quality you want.

The second audience is search engines. Your customers should be able to find your business when they type in your products in search engines. For your products to appear in the search results, you need to speak to search engine algorithms. We know how different platforms use different algorithms and we write product descriptions specifically for the platform you sell them on. For example, amazon product description writing is totally different from writing product descriptions for Google. Our product descriptions contain relevant keywords in the text, meta titles and descriptions, or image captions to fit these algorithms. That way, your customers can find your products when they search for them. 

Why You Should Use Topcontent’s Product Description Writing Service?

Ever heard of writer’s block? Well, we don’t have it. Thanks to thousands of creative writers, we can deliver thousands of product descriptions written specifically for your audience without losing creativity and originality. Before delivery, all product descriptions are proofread and quality checked by our editors. They also go through a plagiarism check at the final step.

If you are targeting international markets, we are here to write e-commerce product descriptions in any language you want. Currently, we offer product descriptions in more than 15 languages, and are always adding new languages to our platform. 

Our order system is very simple as well. You can either order via our online self-service or integrate with our API. Either way, you will get automated delivery in a very short time, even for the high-volume bulk orders.