Take Advantage of Seamless Delivery through our API

Application Programming Interface (API) is a simple protocol that allows interactions between different systems. API enables the seamless transfer of information without the need for manual management. We’ve taken this step to make it easy for our clients to order and manage content without having to go through the conventional route. With Topcontent’s API integration, you can connect your website and create and receive orders automatically.

How it works

The process of managing orders through Topcontent’s API is very simple and only requires a little effort from your end, which can be divided into two steps. The first step involves creating a connection point, so that your system can communicate with Topcontent’s API. This can easily be done by your developer. After this is successfully created, you can follow the next step.

This step is where the magic happens. You can use the created connection point to send the text you want translated to us and as soon as the translation is complete, you’ll receive the final text automatically in your system. You can also request the creation of original articles following specific instructions, which will also be delivered automatically to your system.

Benefits of Integrating with Topcontent’s API

Traditionally, you would need to manually manage all the content you order using our system, which might become cumbersome if your order was large or of varying forms. By using Topcontent’s API, all orders are automatically loaded to your system when they are complete without you having to get involved. This makes order delivery faster and devoid of redundant activities.

With Topcontent’s API, you can customise your order request to suit your website style or any other format you desire. Remember, we do not just serve top-notch content, we also optimise our system to make the process as easy as possible. All you need do is to contact us to get started with the entire process, our support team would be happy to hear from you. You can read more information from here.