We Write and Translate Search Engine Friendly Content

More than 1.2 billion people around the world can read, write and speak English. This may sound like a tremendous amount, but there are still many people who don’t understand it. Knowing that, is your business prepared to communicate with the global audience? If no, then it’s time to try Topcontent. We provide the best content writing and translation services in 15 different languages.

The Need for SEO Content and Translations

Websites and blogs are accessible to international crowds, so having quality content is vital for hitting your target audience. Employing the best and most effective search engine optimisation techniques may not be possible for everybody, as many people don’t have an idea of what types of keywords they should use to get noticed by their target readers and search engines.

Our knowledgeable, experienced and professional writers provide high-quality content regardless of the language and deadline. We offer web content, blog posts and articles in over 15 languages. So, if you need high volumes of content or translations with quick turnaround time, then Topcontent is here to help. The work will be done according to your given instructions and guidelines, and delivered at the set deadline.

How does it work?

Topcontent understands the technical aspects of global searching. When you have your website or blog in your native language, the analysis of how the local audience is searching and finding content will determine your search engine optimisation strategies. And for international audiences, one of our technique is looking at different search engines used in different countries before preparing content and translations.

We understand that for the work to be useful, it needs to be localised. This means that the keywords and descriptions have to function towards your audience. This method is known as geo-targeting. It is implemented for local and international websites and blogs. Once the content or translation is ready, it is proofread and checked for quality and consistency before you receive the final piece.